The Inventing Room
Dessert Shop

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Inspired by the whimsy in the 1971 Willy Wonka &
the Chocolate Factory movie, where Violet turns violet;
The Inventing Room Dessert Shop creates magical & seemingly impossible treats right in front of our guests with liquid nitrogen & other fun, incredible techniques.    We create culinary creations that will amaze your imagination & tastebuds.

No reservations needed - walk-ins only. Free covered parking available, parking garage entrance is located on the west side of the building. 

4433 W. 29th Avenue
Unit 101
Denver, CO 80212

Closed For the Season
Re-​Opening June 1, 2019
(Catering by The Inventing Room
unaffected by shop closure)

Sample Menu


 Gobble-Pop with Pop Rocks 
(DF)(GF)  $2

 Pansy-Pop with Violet Pop Rocks - $2

Cotton Candy - Grape Jelly, Strawberry or
Watermelon (GF) $5


Really, Really Cold Cheetos  $4 

Mystery Space Foam  $4

Compressed Apple Pie with Butterscotch & Brown Butter Bits  $5


Mexican Fried Ice Cream with Nitro Chocolate 

Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sandwich with
Cream Cheese Ice Cream 

Smores Tart with Chocolate Custard, Brown Butter Bits & Burnt Marshmallow

Candied Pecan Waffle on a Stick with 
Bourbon Maple Ice Cream

"The Dirty" - Rocky Road Ice Cream with 
Oreo-Cappuccino Crumbs & Salted Chocolate

Olive Oil Cake with Bananas Foster Ice Cream &
Salted Butterscotch

Blueberry Galaxy Ice Cream with Fruity Pebble Bowl & Nitro Meringue


Spiced Orange Whip Rimmed with Cinnamon Sugar

Frozen Hot Chocolate with Mocha Caviar

Horchata Slushy with Nitro Cocoa Crisps 

Butter Beer Float with Magic Chocolate 

(All Drinks Topped with Exploding Whipped Cream)


Old School Vanilla   (GF)
Double Chocolate   (GF)
Bananas Foster (GF)
Lemon Curd   (GF)
Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate Chips   (GF)
Blueberry Galaxy   (GF)
Bourbon Maple   (GF)
Rocky Road with Candied Walnuts (GF)
Strawberry Lime Sorbet  (DF)
Coconut Sorbet   (DF)
Cookie Monster
Butterscotch Chai

Honeycomb   (DF) (GF)
Bananas Foster   (DF) (GF)
Brown Sugar Pineapple  (DF) (GF)
Whipped Burnt Marshmallow   (GF)
Pomegranate Fizz Pop Rocks   (GF)
Salted Butterscotch   (GF)
Exploding Whipped Cream   (GF)
Nitro Chocolate   (GF)
Triple Berry Fizz Pop Rocks  (GF)
Mocha Caviar  (GF)
​Brown Butter Bits
Sour Candy
Rainbow Sprinkles
Cotton Candy
Oreo Crumbles
​M & M's

(GF)= Gluten-Free
(DF)= Dairy-Free

Menu Subject to Change Based on Availability